What are

Therapeutic Supports?
and which types do we offer?

Therapeutic Supports is a broad term which describes various types of intervention strategies aimed at supporting individuals and their presenting situation. Unify Disability Services offers various types of Therapeutic Supports, including:

Individual Counselling
This therapeutic support is practiced by our experiences counsellors who interact on a personal basis with clients to gain an understanding of their situation, concerns, behaviour or diagnosis. Our counsellors use empathy and person-centred approach to drive their intervention and show high regard for the individual and the sensitivity of their situation and personal information shared. Our counsellors will aim to develop and maintain rapport with each and every client.

Employment Related Assessment and Counselling
This therapeutic intervention follows on from the previous counselling, however, is more tailored to helping individuals understand the importance of, apply for, establish and maintain employment positions. This step in an individual's life is one that instils a sense of responsibility and accomplishment, and we believe everyone should recieve the support they need for this significant life event. Our services offer vocational assessment to help identify preferences of employment, support individuals in the ups and downs experienced during the length of employment, and help encourage and equip clients with the necessary requirements to maximise their enjoyment and efficacy in employment.

This therapeutic approach is general in the services we can offer the client. We can perform various assessment on a range of 
presenting problems or behaviours of concern, provide recommendations and strategies for stakeholders to be implemented for treatment of symptoms or elimination of harmful/risk-taking behaviours, training staff, stakeholders and other relevant parties associated with the individual to better equip them with strategies to deal with the client, and psychological assistance. Our psychologists are trained in standardised, formal and informal testing of cognitive ability, personality and preferences. In addition, our psychologists can provide ongoing support and therapeutic assistance as required.


This form of therapy involves a physiotherapy practitioner supporting individuals on an anatomical and neurological level. Physiotherapists perform the relevant assessments, techniques, rehabilitation, strategies and recommendations to support muscle, joint and tendon pain, postural issues, nervous system conditions; whether developmental or acquired in nature. This service is provided to children, adolescents, adults and seniors. Home visitations are practices, as well as clinic assessments, depending on clients' preferences. Our physiotherapists also conduct the relevant reports and assessment documents for future the NDIA, other practitioners, plan review, and for carers, guardians and other stakeholders.

Our qualified and experienced Podiatrist can see you at your place of residence or you can pop in to one of our clinics - whatever suits you or your client. Podiatry is all about supporting individuals who suffer from ligament, joint, tendon, skin, infections and other infirmities relating to their feet, legs and ankles. We also do diabetes assessment, management and review, as well as some surgical procedures. Our Podiatrists can also provide guidance and review current footwear and recommend different types based on their assessment and/or your or your client's clinical presentation.

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Interested in acquiring this support?

Below are the PDF forms required to be downloaded, completed and signed for a successful referral.

Please select from the service required below and fill out all information as accurately as possible, as the more information provided will enable us to better understand your referral. Please review the documents below. After completion, documents can be sent to [email protected].

Referral Information

This document helps us understand the client, their funding information, guardianship and carer information and a brief outline of their reason for referral for our services.

Download PDF

Service Agreement

The Service Agreement document explains the responsibilities and expectations of the services as well as the roles to be carried out across both parties (Unify Disability Services and the Client).

Download PDF

Privacy and Consent

Attached is the document that outlines the confines and use of clients' confidential information. We know some services can require the use of sensitive and personal information; hence, we ensure ethical use of such information.

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