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What are

Community Services?

Community Access (often referred to as Community or Disability Support Work) is all about supporting individuals in gaining functional access into the community in which they belong. Community Support Work is a significant part of an overall intervention approach, and Support Workers will often work alongside other practitioners to aid in the assistance of individuals. Their support varies and is heavily unique based on each client's needs, interests, feasibility, condition, ability and disability. Our Support Workers understand the importance of establishing long-lasting results with clients that aren't only contained within their place of residents, but also in their environment. This follows with the idea that no matter the diagnosis, condition or disability, individuals deserve and are encouraged to serve as adaptive, equal and productive members of their broader society and local community. Support Work may include, but is not limited to, Transportation, Activities, Employment seeking and maintaining, Daily Activities, Tasks of Adaptive Functioning  and Supervision.

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Interested in acquiring this support?

Below are the PDF forms required to be downloaded, completed and signed for a successful referral.

Please select from the service required below and fill out all information as accurately as possible, as the more information provided will enable us to better understand your referral. Please review the documents below. After completion, documents can be sent to [email protected].

Referral Information

This document helps us understand the client, their funding information, guardianship and carer information and a brief outline of their reason for referral for our services.

Download PDF

Service Agreement

The Service Agreement document explains the responsibilities and expectations of the services as well as the roles to be carried out across both parties (Unify Disability Services and the Client).

Download PDF

Privacy and Consent

Attached is the document that outlines the confines and use of clients' confidential information. We know some services can require the use of sensitive and personal information; hence, we ensure ethical use of such information.

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