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Allied Health


Being diagnosed with a life-long disability can be difficult and can posit a range of challenges for individuals and their families. Psychologists can help manage and support you through this, and ultimately assist with enhancing quality of life. Psychology is a discipline that focuses on supporting individuals’ thoughts, behaviours, and emotions. Our psychologists are trained in their respective areas and can assist participants to enhance their functioning and help them meet their goals of independence. Our psychologists support individuals with a range of physical and/or psychosocial conditions.

Psychological supports can also help assess and diagnose mental-health conditions which may allow participants to be eligible for additional funding through their NDIS plans.

Paediatric and general psychologists are available, meaning no matter the age of the participant, they can be supported by an appropriate clinician.

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Disabilities can be difficult to comprehend or navigate and may contribute to degradation in many participants’ quality of life. A counsellor can help guide you through the different stages of managing your mental health and assist with addressing a range of psychopathologies. An empathetic and person-centred approach helps us guide participants through their everyday challenges related to their presentations.


Physiological or neurological disabilities can cause a range of complications in muscles, joints, posture and other anatomical difficulties. Our physiotherapists are skilled in providing ongoing assistance to support any physiological concerns through evidence-based interventions and strategies. Our physiotherapists can also assist with prescription of Assistive Technologies and mobility aids as part of a comprehensive intervention.

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Podiatry is all about supporting individuals who suffer from ligament, joint, tendon, skin, infections, and other infirmities relating to their feet, legs and ankles. Our podiatrists also perform diabetes assessment, management and review, as well as surgical procedures. Our Podiatrists can also provide guidance and review current footwear and recommend different types based on participants’ clinical presentation.

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